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The Future of Corrosion: How New Technologies Are Helping Battle Corrosion Failures

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Accomplish the Impossible with Integrity Intelligence

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Bituminous Coatings: When and How to Use Them

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5 Ways to Avoid Galvanic Corrosion

Preventing galvanic corrosion involves applying countermeasures early in the design phase. Understanding the mechanisms involved in this electrochemical reacti

Boiler room equipment for heating system.

How to Avoid Chelant-Based Corrosion in a Boiler System’s Water Pipes

Rusty corroded electrical control panel.

The careful selection of coatings and substrate materials based on the service exposure of electrical equipment and controls can improve the reliability and co

Electric submersible pump for an oil well

Extending the Service Life of Electric Submersible Pumps in Oil and Gas Wells

Fretting corrosion can occur in wind turbines.

Fretting Corrosion Between Metals, Its Causes, Some Examples, and How to Prevent It

An Intro to Pipeline Corrosion in Seawater

When it comes to corrosion engineering, seawater is one of the most important environments to discuss. Here we'll take a look at what causes pipeline corrosion

Merger between NACE and SSPC create AMPP

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) formed by NACE International and SSPC to help corrosion professionals.

Old iron trailer with rust

The corrosion or rusting of iron creates a reddish-brown hydrated iron oxide. Understanding how iron…

Rusty steel i-beams corrosion

Discover the mechanical properties of metals used for construction materials and how corrosion influences the metal’s internal structure.

Electrical lines in a utility right-of-way.

AC induced corrosion of buried pipelines can occur due to placing electrical utilities in a common right of way. Fortunately there are ways to reduce...

Old rusty corroded process vessel chemical tank

The proper design to minimize corrosion is as important as the selection of materials. In many structures, a lack of design consideration given to corrosion co

Inspection of a gas turbine engine.

Hot corrosion is a concern in gas turbines that can lead to a failure, but can be detected and prevented by material selection, protective coatings and...

Temporary Corrosion Protection During Storage, Transportation and Handling

Preventing temporary corrosion is an essential strategy for winning the battle against material loss due to deterioration of metals during manufacturing stages

Portable Raman spectrometer.

Many techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and x-ray diffraction (XRD) can be employed to provide vital information about corrosion products.

Flange Corrosion Repair & Protection: Isolating the Sealing Face

Flanges and valves collectively continue to be a major source of hydrocarbon leaks and releases, according to HSE guidance. For flange repairs, major oil & gas


Does aluminum rust?

We often use the term "rust" to mean corrosion, but these two terms do not mean the same thing.Distinguishing between Rust and CorrosionRust is a coating that...

Are there some anti-corrosion applications in which airless spraying is a bad idea?

Airless sprayers work by pumping high-pressure paints or coatings through a hose to the nozzle of the spray gun. As the paint is forced through the tip of the nozzle, it...

Why should cathodic protection and a coating be used together to protect against corrosion?

Applying a protective coating to metallic surfaces is the most effective method to mitigate corrosion damage. According to a National Association of Corrosion Engineers...

Are there any OSHA regulations that need to be taken into account when using thermal insulating coatings?

Editor's note: this question was answered in The Use of Insulation Coatings for Burn Protection, a Webinar from Corrosionpedia. See more on our Webinar page.When it...

With respect to CUI, how well do thermal insulating coatings retard the spread of corrosion?

Editor's note: this question was answered in The Use of Insulation Coatings for Burn Protection, a Webinar from Corrosionpedia. See more on our Webinar page.Thermal...

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