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Your Installers Are Probably Installing/Testing Isolation Kits Improperly

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Accomplish the Impossible with Integrity Intelligence

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Bituminous Coatings: When and How to Use Them

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Corrosion in the News: July 20, 2020 Roundup. Welcome to the mid-July 2020 Corrosionpedia News Roundup were we…

Integrity Management: How Ultrasonic Inline Inspection (ILI) Technology Enhances Safety

Conventional pressure testing poses many risks to the pipeline, the environment and nearby workers. Ultrasonic inline inspection (ILI), on the other hand, is...

Quality Assurance in the Coatings Industry: A Job Description

Quality assurance specialists are usually employed or subcontracted by an asset owner. In the paint and coatings industry, they verify that the work performed by the...

A Look at High Nitrogen Stainless Steels

High nitrogen stainless steels are an increasingly suitable substitute for nickel. Nitrogen can improve corrosion resistance and the strength of stainless steels.

corrosion news

Corrosion in the News: July 6, 2020 Roundup. Welcome to the early July 2020 Corrosionpedia News Roundup were we…

The Effects of Corrosion on the Shear Behavior of Materials

A problem that civil engineers currently face is corrosion of the steel reinforcements commonly found in aging infrastructure. Recent research examines how corrosion...

The Basics of Cathodic Protection

The purpose of cathodic protection (CP) is to reduce the potential difference between anodes and cathodes to a small value. Here's how it works to prevent corrosion.

Metallizing 101

Metallizing is a general term used to describe the process of applying a metallic coating on the surface of an object. It involves several processes that cause the...

Important Facts You Might Not Know About Copper Patina

A basic overview of the patina layer that forms during the atmospheric corrosion of copper and its alloys. How the patina forms and how to care for valuable copper...

Effect of Corrosion on a Material's Tensile Strength and Ductility

Discover the mechanical properties of metals used for construction materials and how corrosion influences the metal’s internal structure.

corrosion news

This week we take a look at an exciting development for coating complex parts created by additive manufacturing. Also highlighted are corrosion repairs for a bridge,...

Quality Control: Protect Your Pipelines with Active Corrosion Protection

Active corrosion protection is so named because the metal’s surface is allowed to come into contact with corrosive elements while protection takes place actively.

Stress Concentration: Top 4 Tips to Reduce Stress Concentration in Machine Parts

Stress concentration reduction in machine parts usually involves providing a smooth path for stress to flow through the component. This can be achieved by several...

The Use of Cathodic Protection Coupons for Monitoring Cathodic Protection Levels

The corrosion industry is beginning to emphasize the use of cathodic protection (CP) coupons as an assessment technique to determine the CP level of a structure.

corrosion news

This week we explore a new testing specification created by ASTM for rebar corrosion, two corrosion events affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new material...


Do soluble salts affect paint bonding fiberglass carbon fiber hulls?

The short answer to this question is yes.The presence of soluble salts, particularly sulfates and chlorides, at the paint/hull interface can have detrimental effects on...

How can remote corrosion monitoring and IoT help companies maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic, many companies have been forced to close their doors as governments around the world seek to "...

What are some ways to maintain or update my technical skills during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a worldwide concern affecting all of us, including those in the corrosion prevention and protective coatings industries. As many employees...

How does ultrasonic technology accurately detect corrosion and metal loss in pipeline systems?

Ultrasonic is a term used to describe the range of sound waves that possess frequencies higher than that of audible human hearing. Ultrasonic testing (UT), therefore,...

How and why should I measure the strength of a protective coating?

Modern industrial processes continue to place heavy demands on tools, equipment and structures. As a result, the protective coatings used to shield these assets must be...

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