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Oleophobic refers to the physical property possessed by a material that is characterized by a lack of affinity to oils....
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Meet Our Experts

David Blackwell

Engineering Director, Belzona Polymerics Ltd

David Blackwell is the Engineering Director at Belzona Polymerics Ltd. As Engineering Director, David has the responsibility for providing product and application training and technical support service for Belzona personnel, the distribution network and the client base throughout Europe and Africa. David is also a Director of Belzona Technosol, the direct labor application and coatings inspection service division of the Belzona Group of Companies.David holds a NACE Level 3 certification for coatings inspection and is a NACE Coatings Inspection Program (CIP) certified instructor who regularly teaches coatings inspection courses within the UK.

Louis D. Vincent

Owner, L.D. “Lou” Vincent PHD LLC

Renowned corrosion-industry author and teacher, Lou Vincent has 57 years’ experience in the coatings industry. Lou co-authored the third edition of “Corrosion Prevention by Protective Coatings,” by Charles G. Munger, and authored “The Protective Coatings User’s Handbook” and “The Marine Coating User’s Handbook,” reference manuals that have influenced corrosion professionals for decades.

Raghvendra Gopal

Founder & Director, Materials Info Consultancy Private Limited

Raghvendra Gopal is a post graduate in Industrial Metallurgy from IIT Chennai, India. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy from IIT Roorkee, India. Currently he is the owner of Materials Info Consultancy Private Limited in Pune, India, which is mainly involved in materials testing, failure analysis, new product development support, benchmarking and value engineering for the automotive, engineering and manufacturing sectors. Materials Info Consultancy works on corrosion related failures, investigation and simulations, and also works for developing a supplier base for various commodities including castings, forgings with compete inspection and testing as per end client requirements for domestic and international clients.With over twenty five years of experience in the field of material selection for specific applications, failure analysis and light weight construction, working with engineering, automotive tier 1 and automotive OEMs, Raghvendra’s areas of interest include material selection and evaluation for specific applications, materials data generation, root cause failure analysis and selection of appropriate manufacturing processes.Raghvendra was instrumental for a surface protection strategy and defining a corrosion warranty while working with an automotive OEM for various components, correlating corrosion life data obtained in the laboratory in comparison to field life.

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