An Introduction to the Galvanic Series: Galvanic Compatibility and Corrosion

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3 Essential Types of Material Destructive Tests

Tensile, toughness and fatigue destructive testing provides valuable information for determining the suitability of a material in a component or structure.

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Detecting and Treating Uniform Corrosion in Aircraft

Accidents caused by corrosion alone are very few, but uniform corrosion can accelerate structural failure when combined with other damage mechanisms.

Tips for Success in Conducting External Corrosion Direct Assessments

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Elemental Strategies of Coatings Asset Management: Terry Greenfield Q&A
Failure analysis report

It’s natural to want to understand how something went wrong, but focusing on how to fix the problem is often a more effective - and efficient - approach.

What is Coatings Asset Management? Terry Greenfield Q&A

In an exclusive interview, corrosion expert Terry Greenfield defines Coatings Asset Management and how it informs better maintenance decisions, extends the service life...

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Despite this year's low oil prices, the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference was still considered a success. Here's a quick overview of the event.

Potential Causes of Corrosion in Pre-combustion and Hydrogen Production Process Plants

The elevated temperatures and high pressure found in the pre-combustion hydrogen production process along with the presence of corrosive gases accelerates the corrosion...

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