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Graphite Monochromator

A graphite monochromator is a type of monochromator that uses highly purified pyrolytic graphite that is known to be capable...
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Meet Our Experts

Glen Bishop

Owner, Seabis System

Glen Bishop was the Surveyor for Class Society (insurance authority) World-wide. While surveying, he saw ships with electrolysis hull damage, most frequently around the power generation area. Two hundred ships per year were being severely damaged with a high proportion of them sinking. In 1992 over a 3-week period his vessel became porous while docked in a new mooring with a steel post between each vessel. Ten years and 220 tested vessels later he found his answer.Glen has 53 years in marine electronics experience including nine years at sea with the last four years in submarines. As a young man he received his formal training at HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, England. He then spent 45 years in marine electronics using MPLab, Protel, Multism, and many others constructing circuits.Ten years ago Glen began developing an instrument that would test if electrolysis was occurring on vessels. As regular instruments were not precise enough he created a prototype and then tested 220 vessels. The prototype was perfected and he has been clearing vessels of electrolysis ever since. His early clients were in and around Australia, and he has since expanded to a worldwide presence.Today Glen oversees his electronic engineering company, which does research and development and manufactures special marine products.

Ron Bianchetti

West Coast Manager, Russell Corrosion Consultants

A past board member of NACE, Ron Bianchetti has 38 years of professional experience in corrosion engineering design, project management, and construction management. His industry experience includes oil and gas pipelines, water/wastewater facilities, power generation facilities, offshore facilities, and reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures.

Ted Huck

Ted Huck, VP International for MATCOR

Ted Huck is an electrical engineer and cathodic protection expert with over 25 years of experience in technical sales. He has authored over a dozen articles in a wide range of publications, and is a frequent presenter at corrosion conferences in the United States and internationally.

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