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Your Installers Are Probably Installing/Testing Isolation Kits Improperly

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Accomplish the Impossible with Integrity Intelligence

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Bituminous Coatings: When and How to Use Them

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Combating Sanitation System Corrosion

Sanitation corrosion is a worldwide problem that permeates through a system of moving waste to processing stations, often ending with water reclamation. As the

Steel corrosion on a rusty pipe

Steel is popular, durable and versatile. Here are 7 things to understand about the corrosion resistance of steel.

Welding with stick electrode with sparks flying - on a red and blue background.

Stick welding, also known as shielded metal arc welding, manual metal arc welding or flux shielded arc welding, is an electric arc welding process.

Composite Repair Systems Lab

Innovations in composite repair systems, particularly in regards to the materials used, are creating better options for pipeline repair with enduring results.

5 Most Common Types of Metal Coatings that Everyone Should Know About

The 5 most common types of metal coatings that can effectively prolong the service life of many metal assets by preventing corrosion...

Corrosion in the News: August 17, 2020 Roundup

Corrosion in the News: August 17, 2020 Roundup. Welcome to the mid-August 2020 Corrosionpedia News Roundup where we…

Understanding the Relationship Between Stress and Corrosion

Stresses (residual stress or applied stress) acting on a material can play a major role in a unique type of corrosion known as stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

Offshore oil rig

Zinc is widely used in the oil & gas industry, but its safety is being called into question by regulators and the industry, especially for subsea bolting with

Why Monel 400 is So Damn Expensive

Monel 400 remains expensive mainly due to its high nickel content and critical applications in aerospace, petroleum extraction, marine and chemical engineering processes...

Aluminum Corrosion: 5 Incredible Facts You Must Know

Strong, reliable, ductile, lightweight and naturally corrosion resistant – aluminum is an ideal construction material. However, it deteriorates rapidly under certain...

corrosion news

Corrosion in the News: August 3, 2020 Roundup. Welcome to the early August 2020 Corrosionpedia News Roundup where we…

The Effects of Stress Concentration on Crack Propagation

An understanding of how cracks form and propagate enables us to design safer and more reliable structures at a lower cost.

How and Why a Material Fractures

Fracture is simply the separation of a material into several pieces due to an applied stress. The type of fracture (ductile or brittle) that a material will undergo...

High Pressure Fastener Coating Practices Under Fire: Ian MacMoy Speaks Out

Ian MacMoy, an expert on pressure bolt coatings for aggressive corrosion environments, speaks out against oversizing nut threads to accommodate thick bolt coatings, a...

corrosion news

Corrosion in the News: July 20, 2020 Roundup. Welcome to the mid-July 2020 Corrosionpedia News Roundup were we…


Do soluble salts affect paint bonding fiberglass carbon fiber hulls?

The short answer to this question is yes.The presence of soluble salts, particularly sulfates and chlorides, at the paint/hull interface can have detrimental effects on...

How can remote corrosion monitoring and IoT help companies maintain operations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In the wake of the recent COVID-19 coronavirus global pandemic, many companies have been forced to close their doors as governments around the world seek to "...

What are some ways to maintain or update my technical skills during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a worldwide concern affecting all of us, including those in the corrosion prevention and protective coatings industries. As many employees...

How does ultrasonic technology accurately detect corrosion and metal loss in pipeline systems?

Ultrasonic is a term used to describe the range of sound waves that possess frequencies higher than that of audible human hearing. Ultrasonic testing (UT), therefore,...

How and why should I measure the strength of a protective coating?

Modern industrial processes continue to place heavy demands on tools, equipment and structures. As a result, the protective coatings used to shield these assets must be...

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