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The Alchemist’s Guide to Coatings: Transmuting Challenges Into Opportunities With Advanced Testing Kits


Greg Denton

Pipeline Coatings Application Consultant, Crest Industrial Chemicals


Mr. Greg Denton has more than 20 years of experience in the pipeline coatings industry. Working literally “from the ground up” with coating applicators, including LaBarge Coating and the Bredero Shaw lineage, he brings a unique perspective in understanding the real-world dynamics of production coating application and recognizing and overcoming challenges faced in meeting the demands and expectations of pipeline end-users. With most of these years directly involved in QA/QC of applied FBE coatings, he has extensive knowledge of all major industry coating specifications and standards, understanding the concerns of both end-user and applicator, and his aim is to bridge the communication gaps that exist between the organizations involved within the coating industry. He has assisted several major pipeline and coating companies with both original content and revision of their current coating specifications and continues to provide professional opinion and suggestion in this respect. He has worked as a Coatings Consultant both domestically and internationally and is currently the Pipeline Coatings Application Consultant with Crest Industrial Chemicals in Rosharon, TX.

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