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Aldrich Tyto

Laboratory Manager, CORROSION


Aldrich Tyto is a corrosion and fouling expert and the manager of the in-house laboratory at the CORROSION headquarters. CORROSION has been an internationally recognized leader in creative, sustainable, state-of-the-art solutions in corrosion and cathodic protection since 1993. The laboratory, established in 2016, is an arena for applied science. It’s where new products and services are tested and developed, enabling the team to lead the way in creating innovative anti-fouling and corrosion solutions. The lab's aim is to bridge academic knowledge and practical application—to practice science for the real world.

Aldrich's areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, electrochemistry, chemical and material engineering and energy/environmental engineering. His expertise was obtained from both educational and professional experience. Aldrich and the laboratory have been key contributors to the development of CORROSION’s ICAF and ICCP systems, including the latest award-winning innovation, the UV-C Cooler.

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