Corrosion Jobs: How to Become a Corrosion Technician in 2023

By Corrosionpedia Staff
Published: July 3, 2023
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Corrosionpedia's Jobbio job board empowers talent and provides employers with the tools they need to build an exceptional workforce. Leverage this tool in your search to commence a fulfilling career in the corrosion industry or source the right fit for your team.

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If you enjoy pragmatic problem-solving, honing your technical expertise and are intrigued by the prospect of making a tangible impact in your career, pursuing a job in the corrosion industry might be the perfect path for you.


However, in an increasingly competitive job market, finding the perfect fit for a career in corrosion-related fields can be a daunting task. Luckily, entering your job search armed with the right information can put you a step ahead of the competition.

Here are some tips to help you in your search for corrosion technician jobs in 2023.


Know Where to Look for Corrosion Jobs

Search Google for "corrosion jobs," "corrosion technician jobs" or "corrosion engineering jobs" and you'll instantly be bombarded with pages upon pages of listings, many of which may be completely irrelevant to your interests, education and/or career goals.

And it isn't only job-seekers who suffer when using leading job search sites, either: These tools function by casting the widest net possible, which often leads to unnecessary work for hiring managers who must sift through dozens of inapposite applications.

Industry-specific job boards solve both these problems by providing tailored solutions to match talent with exceptional opportunities.


Corrosionpedia has partnered with Jobbio, through its innovative Amply network, to create a curated job board that empowers job seekers to discover their ideal positions while streamlining the hiring process for employers.

As the world's most widely read corrosion publication, Corrosionpedia has a refined subject-matter expertise; as an intercontinental job-search marketplace, Jobbio understands how to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. Combined, these qualities have produced a job board that elevates career opportunities specific to the corrosion industry.


Whether you're looking for your next corrosion job opportunity or looking for the right talent to fill an open position in your organization, Corrosionpedia's job board is the place to start.

Discover Compatible Companies Across Industries

When searching for a new corrosion role, your instinct may be to exclusively seek out companies in the corrosion industry. After all, if you want a corrosion job, you should look for a corrosion company, right?

Well, yes and no. While there are certainly corrosion roles available within corrosion-focused companies, organizations across industries are in need of skilled technicians and engineers to protect their assets from corrosion's detrimental effects. In fact, corrosion engineers alone work in civil engineering and construction, the energy industry, including on- and off-shore drilling operations, industrial manufacturing, aerospace engineering and mining. (For more information on the opportunities available to corrosion professionals, read: Beginners Guide to Becoming an Offshore Coating Inspector.)

That's a whole world of opportunities to explore!

When conducting your job search, career strategist Adunola Adeshola recomends looking for a company "that aligns with your values, goals and work style."

This is yet another benefit of Corrosionpedia and Jobbio's job board: The tool highlights featured companies on its homepage each week, calling attention to each organization's attributes, including number of employees, benefits, industry and company values.

Hone the Right Skills

A recent study by an online recruitment services agency found that nearly three-quarters of corrosion engineers have bachelor's degrees, while around one-fifth have master's degrees. Of the former fraction, 21% majored in chemical engineering, 16% majored in mechanical engineering, 10% majored in metallurgical engineering, 7% majored in electrical engineering and 46% pursued other majors.

That's just one part of the equation, though. Successful corrosion industry candidates were also likely to have the following on their resumes:

  • NACE certification, which appeared on just over 17% of resumes.
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) certification, appearing on around 13% of resumes.
  • Cathodic protection, appearing on slightly more than 10% of resumes. (For more on cathodic protection, read: The Basics of Cathodic Protection.)

Finally, analytical skills, oral communication skills and writing are key soft skills the help corrosion industry professionals on the job.

Capitalize on Industry-Specific Opportunities

One of the biggest opportunities for growth in the corrosion prevention services industry is the potential to work with oil and gas companies, according to market research entity IBISWorld.

Why? In IBISWorld's words, "Corrosion in the oil industry leads to the failure of parts, causing costly environmental problems from spills and releases. As a result, oil and gas companies invest heavily in tools and methods to design and implement comprehensive corrosion management programs for oil and gas infrastructures. When the world price of oil is high, companies increase exploration and production, necessitating industry services."

In June 2023, Reuters reported that crude oil prices will average about 1%t higher than previously forecasted for 2023, representing a potential opportunity for corrosion industry job seekers.

Oil and gas companies featured on Corrosionpedia and Jobbio's job board include Baker Hughes, Ardubon Companies and IRISNDT Inc.


Embarking on a career in the corrosion industry holds immense potential for those who enjoy problem-solving and wish to make a tangible impact. However, to navigate the competitive job market successfully, it's crucial to have the right strategy.

Corrosionpedia and Jobbio's job board takes the guesswork out of your corrosion job hunt by combining our expertise to empower talent and provide employers with the tools they need to build exceptional teams. Leverage this tool in your search to commence a fulfilling career in the corrosion industry, this year and beyond.

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