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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 2:00 PM (EST)

Methods of combining water with abrasive blasting to reduce dust has existed for decades. While new regulations to the abrasive blasting industry are forcing more companies to consider wet or vapor abrasive blasting, the perception in the (more...)

Presentation Summary:Coatings applied on surfaces contaminated with soluble salts exceeding a certain concentration exhibit diminished performance. Likewise, self-passivating metals (not intended for coating such as stainless steel, (more...)

Protective coatings are installed, typically at substantial cost, to provide corrosion protection to ships, tanks, offshore platforms, refineries, and a variety of other facilities and structures. This presentation will examine the process (more...)

Aerogel is widely recognized as the best insulating solid in the world. It has been around in blanket insulation form for quite some time, but just within the last five years aerogel particles started being formulated for use in high (more...)

There are a myriad of approaches when it comes to preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI). These can run the gambit from hydrophobic insulations to active corrosion inhibitors. In this webinar, Johns Manville Industrial expert, David (more...)

In situ coating applications are extremely effective and can be used on all types of oil and gas lines, potable water lines, freshwater injection lines, commingled water injection lines, as well as in aviation fuel lines. The in situ (more...)

No matter the industry, company, or manager, ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing, personnel protection and workplace safety is quickly become the top priority for work in an any setting. The consequences of employee’s being (more...)

Corrosion Webinars

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