Mehdi Yari

Mehdi Yari currently serves as a postdoctoral fellow in the Electrochemistry and Corrosion Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario. He was faculty staff in the Materials Engineering department at the Science and Research branch of Azad University (Iran) for more than eight years. During that time, he became involved in metallurgical industries as a scientific and engineering consulter. He received B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in metallurgical engineering, corrosion engineering, and advanced materials in materials engineering, respectively. He has obtained several teaching and research awards. He is author and co- author of more than 15 scientific papers in reputed journals in the field of corrosion and surface engineering.
Recent Articles by Mehdi Yari

A Look at High Nitrogen Stainless Steels

High nitrogen stainless steels are an increasingly suitable substitute for nickel. Nitrogen can improve corrosion resistance and the strength of stainless steels.

Galvanic Corrosion of Metals Connected to Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

The use of carbon fiber-reinforced composites is growing thanks to their high strength and light weight. This material poses new challenges in terms of mitigating corrosion.

Nitriding for Corrosion and Wear Fatigue Resistance

Nitriding, the process of introducing nitrogen into a metal surface, is an excellent method of controlling corrosion, as well as wear and fatigue, in metals.