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About Us

Corrosionpedia aims to provide the first steps in the research journey for asset integrity professionals the world over.

As an online hub for corrosion industry professionals, we create world-leading educational content about corrosion and how to preserve the integrity of the world’s infrastructure and assets by preventing it. 

Corrosionpedia serves thousands of industry leaders and engineers who are looking for information, insight and solutions to help them accomplish their jobs and move them forward in their careers.

Corrosionpedia is part of the Janalta family of brands.

About Corrosionpedia

Corrosionpedia was founded by Cory Janssen and Terry Freeman in 2013. Their expertise represented a convergence of leadership in business, modern digital technology and industry experience. 

Over the years, Corrosionpedia has positioned itself as the most trafficked corrosion industry publication on the internet, with a dictionary of more than 3000 corrosion terms, a comprehensive directory of corrosion companies and a thriving space for webinars around corrosion-related topics.

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Terry Freeman

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Cory Janssen

Corrosionpedia’s Founders

Terry Freeman

Terry Freeman is a co-founder of Corrosionpedia as well as a long-time energy services, construction and maintenance executive, investor and board director. In the past he served as Managing Director of Northern Plains Capital, a niche private equity firm specializing in growth oriented oilfield services and energy industrial investments. He also spent fifteen years as Chief Financial Officer of Flint Energy Services Ltd. and its predecessors, where he managed the financial and administrative operations of the company including investor and banking relations, risk management, mergers and acquisitions and various other executive responsibilities and its growth from $20M to over $2B in revenues. He spent five years on the Board of Flint following his tenure as Chief Financial Officer until its eventual sale. He is currently the Head of Investments at ATB Private Equity, and remains on the board of directors of a number of other energy services companies.

Cory Janssen

Cory Janssen is a co-founder of Corrosionpedia as well as the co-founder and CEO of AltaML, a developer of machine learning applications. Previously, Cory was co-founder of Investopedia.com, a financial education site that provides content and tools to help educate individual investors. From its founding in 1999, Investopedia became one of the most popular financial sites on the web and was sold to Forbes Media in 2007.

Chelsey Reschke is a partner on Corrosionpedia and a recognized leader in the industry. She is the President, CEO and Director of Voran Group VenturesLtd., which manufactures and markets nanotechnology-based surface coatings for the health and hygiene industry. Chelsey has worked internationally in various segments of industry, including coatings and corrosion, pipelines and cleantech. She is a Peer Member with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and holds a designation as a Protective Coating Specialist. In Canada, she has helped advance and develop national and provincial energy strategies and technology development policies as well as contributing to the anti-corrosion coatings standards held worldwide via her work with the Canadian Standards Association and NACE. Chelsey was named one of Alberta Oil Magazine’s “Top 35 Under 35” and has been awarded both a Young Women in Energy Top 10 Award and a JWN Excellence in Clean Tech Award. She holds an MBA from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, a Bachelor of Science (Biology) from the University of Alberta and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Chinese Europe International Business School in Shanghai.

Editorial Standards

Corrosionpedia is committed to delivering high-quality corrosion education to industry professionals. Our content aims to cover corrosion mitigation from every angle, including CUI, surface prep, coatings and more. Our aim is to provide the highest-quality content from industry experts on a free platform. 

This site is advertiser supported, but we aim to make those relationships as clear as possible by clearly labeling advertiser-sponsored content and highlighting advertiser relationships where they exist according to FTC guidelines.

All of our contributors are free to write on any topic they choose as long as they abide by the following guiding principles:

Corrosionpedia takes no editorial point of view regarding any subject matter.  All contributors are welcome to produce content with any point of view, and all rebuttals that abide by our editorial principles will be considered for publication. All articles are subject to editing and approval by our team of professional editors. Although our content is evergreen, our editorial team evaluates older content on an ongoing basis to ensure that it is up to date and continues to provide value. 

If you find an error or something you think could be improved, please let us know.


Corrosionpedia’s offices are located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. 

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