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Image for Epoxy Coatings 101
Expand your knowledge of the chemistry, properties, applications and examples of use for the broad range of epoxy coatings with this whitepaper..
Image for An Innovative Solution to Traditional Plastic Isolation Gaskets
Isolation gaskets are an inherent part of the pipeline industry, and play a vital role in protecting pipeline assets and meeting emissions requirements. Glass...
Image for Solvent Recycling: Acetone, MEK, Lacquer Thinner and Toluene
Learn more about proper recycling of solvents to reduce hazardous wastes, expenses and the burden of regulatory requirements. We also compared various recycling methods,...
Image for Modeling Corrosion and Corrosion Protection
This white paper examines the theoretical background of various types of corrosion in detail, including galvanic, crevice, and pitting corrosion, as well as anodic and...
Image for Bituminous Coatings
This guide examines bitumen, the raw material used to manufacture bituminous coatings, the history of bituminous coatings, and common applications.
Image for A Guide to Flash Rust Prevention and Protection
This comprehensive guide provides an introduction to flash rust and how to protect and prevent against it.
Image for A Guide to Galvanized Steel
This comprehensive guide covers the most common forms of galvanizing and how each form provides protection against corrosion.
Image for Bimetallic Corrosion Basics
Bimetallic corrosion - and the galvanic series - are key concepts to understand when it comes to corrosion.
Image for holiday testing
This download will cover different types of corrosion holidays, causes, prevention and testing.
Image for Coating Failures and Defects Guide
This powerful Coatings Failures and Defects resource is ideal for all corrosion professionals who work with coatings.
Image for Selection of Coating Systems for CUI Service - Whitepaper
Learn more about the issues related to corrosion protection of high temperature carbon steel substrates which are insulated to preserve energy, provide process control...
Image for Understanding Insulation Chemistry Proven to Inhibit Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) - Whitepaper
This paper explains, at a molecular level, how the time-tested chemical package XOX engages a two-pronged defense against CUI.
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