Shivananda Prabhu

Graduate Engineer from University of Mysore, Karnataka, India and PGDBM(Equivalent to MBA) from XLRI, a top ten management institute. Worked for Tata Steel, Jamshedpur in the area of maintenance as a Manager and Specialist in Tribology, Lubrication, Wear prevention, Corrosion prevention, Maintenance management and Condition monitoring. Contributed to loss prevention and value engineering as well as knowledge management intiatives.

later worked as Technical Trainer, Safety Trainer, Lead Auditor of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Management Trainer, and Training and HR specialist.

For about four years worked in academic area, in PG institutions, as a Professor and later as Director of IPS( Management Institute) in Pune.For three years as Editor and writer for research papers, news papers, trade journals and websites.Over all experience is more than 25 years.
Recent Articles by Shivananda Prabhu

Corrosion Prevention for Water Pumps, Valves, Impellers and Fittings

Pumps, valves, impellers, and fittings are highly susceptible to several types of corrosion, including erosion, galvanic, pitting and cavitation corrosion.

Temporary Corrosion Protection during Storage, Transportation and Handling

Preventing temporary corrosion is an essential strategy for winning the battle against material loss due to deterioration of metals during manufacturing stages, transportation and transit storage.

Corrosion Prevention for Buried Pipelines

Corrosion of the internal and external surfaces of pipelines is a leading cause of buried pipeline failure, which in turn leads to huge financial losses and poses a threat to human lives. Find out how to protect buried pipes from corrosion.