SSPC-PS 28.01

SSPC-PS 28.01


Asset:  Offshore Structure, Onshore Structure, Pipeline
Environmental Characteristic:  Below Freezing Point, Below Ground, Brackish Water, Fresh Water, High Humidity, Low Humidity
Industry:  Pipelines and Underground Systems, Energy Generation and Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Transportation Infrastructure, Maritime, Pulp and Paper, Misc. Corrosion
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Standard for 2-Coat Zinc-Rich Polyurethane Primer with Aliphatic Polyurea Topcoat System


This standard contains performance requirements for a coating system for steel substrates that consists of a zinc-rich moisture-cure polyurethane primer (complying with SSPC-Paint 40) and an aliphatic polyurea topcoat (complying with SSPC-Paint 39, Type 2). The coating system is generally suitable for exposures in SSPC Environmental Zones 1A (interior, normally dry), 1B (exterior, normally dry), 2A (frequently wet by fresh water, excluding immersion), 2B (frequently wet by salt water, excluding immersion), 3B (chemical exposure, neutral) and 3C (chemical exposure, alkaline). This standard is intended to be used by specifiers, coating manufacturers, and end-users who desire a coating system that combines performance requirements of a polyurethane primer containing zinc pigment for corrosion resistance and an aliphatic polyurea topcoat with resistance to loss of gloss and good color retention.