Corrosion Repair

Last updated: November 16, 2016

What Does Corrosion Repair Mean?

Corrosion repair is the process of fixing, restoring or rebuilding something that has deteriorated into a defective, damaged or inferior condition because of corrosion. Repair aims to produce a usable or operating condition that meets inspection and reliability test standards.

Pitting and flaking of metal and paint are some of the early signs of corrosion. The corrosion repair process varies according to the type of corrosion and other factors.


Corrosionpedia Explains Corrosion Repair

Corrosion repair begins with an initial assessment of the corrosion and a decision by knowledgeable people if the item or component is still worth the time, effort and cost of repair. The repair process typically proceeds as follows:

  1. Complete corrosion removal and cleaning of the affected part or item. Choose a corrosion removal process that will not cause further damage to the item for repair. Usually, another assessment is necessary after the cleaning process.

    Corrosion removal is generally done through mechanical, chemical and other methods depending on the type and extent of corrosion. Mechanical methods are the most varied and widely used for corrosion removal.

  2. Determine and apply the most suitable repair process. Professional repair usually follows a standard procedure including all the applicable safety precautions.
  3. Final surface treatment or protective coating.
  4. Inspection and testing.

Corrosion repair should be performed only by knowledgeable and trained personnel according to the approved repair procedures, workmanship and inspection standards.

Faulty or delayed corrosion repair may result in malfunctions or premature total breakdown of the structure or equipment.


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