SSPC-PS Guide 15.00

SSPC-PS Guide 15.00


Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Guide for Selecting Chlorinated Rubber Painting Systems


These specifications cover chlorinated rubber painting systems for blast cleaned or pickled steel. These coatings are not recommended for areas exposed to strong organic solvents, oxidizing acids, or the areas where the surface temperature exceeds 74C (165F). Straight chain unsaturated acids, and fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin will cause softening and swelling of these coatings. These systems are suitable for use on parts or structures exposed in Environmental Zones 1A (interior, normally dry), 1B (exterior, normally dry), 2A (frequently wet by fresh water), 2B (frequently wet by salt water), 2C (fresh water immersion), 2D (salt water immersion), 3A (chemical, acid), 3B (chemical, neutral), and 3C (chemical, alkaline). Chlorinated rubber paints are single-package systems that dry by solvent evaporation and have low permeability to water vapor and oxygen. After drying, they are nonflammable and resistant to mildew growth. The color of the finish must be specified.