Abrasion Resistance

Last updated: July 22, 2020

What Does Abrasion Resistance Mean?

Abrasion resistance refers to the ability of materials and structures to withstand abrasion. It is a method of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction. This ability helps to keep the material's original structure and look. Abrasion resistance resists mechanical wear. Abrasion-resistant materials are useful for both moving and fixed parts in settings where wearing is an issue.

Abrasion resistance has close proximity to the compressive strength of concrete. Strong concrete is more abrasion-resistant than weak concrete. The abrasion resistance of materials and structures can be evaluated by a variety of test methods.


Corrosionpedia Explains Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is the ability of materials to withstand the effects of abrasion, for example: repeated wearing, rubbing, scrapping, etc.

Abrasion-resistant materials are handy in inhibiting mechanical wearing and damage. They can be used in the construction of space shuttle components. The abrasion resistance of high-performance concrete is high. This concrete containing silica-fume is useful for concrete pavement overlays where heavy or abrasive traffic occurs more.

Abrasion resistance is a property that allows a material to resist wear. The abrasion resistance of a material helps to withstand mechanical action and tends to protect the removal of materials from its surface. This allows the material to retain its integrity and hold its form. This can be important when the form of a material is critical to its function, as seen when moving parts are carefully machined for maximum efficiency. Abrasion resistance can be measured by using the abrasion scrub tester.

Abrasion resistance can be controlled through:

  • Using proper lubricants
  • Covering items with an abrasion-resistant material
  • Controlling the cause of abrasion
  • Utilizing abrasion-resistant coating

In rubber, there are two types of abrasion:

  • Sliding – the passing of an adjacent surface across the rubber surface.
  • Impingement – wearing of the rubber exemplified by sand particles hitting the surface.

When the rubber cannot withstand localized friction forces, abrasion and wear takes place.



Abrasion Resistant

Abrasive Resistant

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