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Flush Tank

Last updated: October 13, 2017

What Does Flush Tank Mean?

A flush tank is a reservoir that contains water, sewage or some other type of fluid. The fluid in the flush tank is released during periodic intervals to clean equipment or to clean the tank itself. Flush tanks typically hold enough liquid to completely cleanse whatever it is meant to flush.


Corrosionpedia Explains Flush Tank

Flush tanks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are typically specified to be large enough to hold a sufficient amount of liquid to cleanse the object they are flushing. A flush tank can be emptied through mechanical means with a lever or slide. Flush tanks can also be unloaded through timers and electrically controlled valves. Automatic operations are commonly used when frequent flushing is required.

Flush tanks can hold liquids for an extended period, making them susceptible to various types of corrosion. Some flush tanks hold chemicals, so special care must be taken because the corrosion can be severe. Proper material selection when planning to use a flush tank is important to prevent excessive corrosion and premature material failure that could result in tank leaks, bursts, and contaminating the flushing medium.


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