Storage And Disposal Treatment Facility

Last updated: June 19, 2020

What Does Storage And Disposal Treatment Facility Mean?

A storage and disposal treatment facility is a municipal or company-owned infrastructure that is put in place to perform the various processes of treating, disposing and storing of all types of wastes, including industrial and municipal wastes. These facilities ensure that the wastes are classified appropriately and are disposed of deep underground or in another facility with the intention of controlling pollution and ensuring that underground water sources remain unaffected.

Wastes may contain metals that corrode over time, and the wastes may accelerate the corrosion rate of the facility's infrastructure.


Corrosionpedia Explains Storage And Disposal Treatment Facility

Treatment, storage and disposal processes are conducted to carry out duties such as the waste collection from various waste sources, classifying of the waste into various categories, and treating the waste according to regulations for the different categories.

The most common type of disposal facility is a landfill, which like most disposal facilities will dispose of waste products in carefully constructed, permanent units designed to prevent groundwater contamination.


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