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What Does Hematite Mean?

Hematite refers to a mineral substance that is characterized by a reddish-brown appearance consisting of ferric oxide. Hematite is composed of iron ore and occurs naturally in crystals and red soils.


Corrosionpedia Explains Hematite

Hematite has the following physical and chemical properties:

  • Color - steel, silver gray, red or brown
  • Luster - dull metallic
  • Transparency - opaque in a crystalline form
  • Crystal system - trigonal
  • Crystal habits - tabular crystals, sometimes twinned, micaceous (specular) and botryoidal
  • Cleavage - absent
  • Fracture - uneven granular presentation
  • Hardness - 5 - 6 on average
  • Specific gravity - 5.3, relative to water
  • Streak - blood red, brownish red

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