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Swivel Ring Flange

Last updated: August 14, 2019

What Does Swivel Ring Flange Mean?

A swivel ring flange is a two piece constructed flange used extensively for offshore pipelines and offshore industry applications. A swivel ring flange has a heavy forged welding hub that is fixed to a forged ring that can be rotated to serve as a mating flange to a weld neck or another flange. In a swivel ring flange, the rotating ring is held on by the welding hub that is in turn secured by a retaining ring.

A swivel ring flange is also known as a swivel flange.


Corrosionpedia Explains Swivel Ring Flange

Swivel ring flanges are favored because they do not cause any problems in the alignment of bolt holes during sub-sea flange installation. Swivel ring flanges are available in various metals and specifications, including class 150 to class 2500 specifications and from 1 inch to 60 inches in diameter. These flanges are readily mated to any standard welded neck flange and are very similar to ASME / ANSI B 16.5 and MSS-SP44 standard flanges.

Swivel ring flanges are constructed using a specific grade of carbon steel or stainless steel having ASTM A105 specifications with a minimum yield of 42,000 psi pressure. Some extra thickness is provided at the welding end. These flanges are also manufactured using superior grade materials such as A694 or A707.



Swivel Flange

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