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Pipeline Inspection Tool (PIT)

Last updated: May 13, 2020

What Does Pipeline Inspection Tool (PIT) Mean?

Pipeline inspection tools (PIT) are various types of equipment used to collect information about the condition of a piping system. The data items collected and the checks performed by these tools vary, however, they mainly serve to detect existing or potential pipeline problems. This data is then used to develop maintenance plans and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the piping system.


Corrosionpedia Explains Pipeline Inspection Tool (PIT)

Pipeline inspection tools are typically launched into the pipeline internally (i.e., an in-line inspection). After being inserted into the pipeline's access point, the inspection tool may traverse the pipeline via gravity, or they may be designed to be self-propelled through the pipe.

While inside the pipe, inspection activities such as corrosion detection or wall thickness measurements may be carried out using a variety of techniques such as CCTV or ultrasonic technology.

The nature of their operation makes pipeline inspection tools ideal for situations where direct inspections (i.e., manual inspections) are impractical or impossible.


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