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Concrete Scraping

Last updated: May 15, 2020

What Does Concrete Scraping Mean?

Concrete scraping is a procedure in which a concrete surface (e.g., a floor) is abraded with the assistance of a machine having rotary heads that use carbide cutters or other tools. These machines help remove excess concrete, coatings or paint from the surface, and make the surface smooth and shiny. There are a variety of concrete scrapping tools available that can be affixed to a concrete scrapping machine.


Corrosionpedia Explains Concrete Scraping

A concrete scrapping machine has a rotary head on which different types of concrete scrapping tools can be fitted based on the purpose. The operator pushes the machine over the concrete floor to remove any paints, coatings or gummy substances from the floor in order to bring the entire concrete surface to a uniform level and make it smooth and shiny.

Some of the concrete scrapping tools available are:

  • Concrete coating removal tools
  • Tufted pad drivers
  • Polymeric face pad drivers
  • Grit rotary brushes
  • Showerfeed brushes
  • General purpose scrubbing brushes

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