Electrochemical Admittance

Last updated: August 5, 2020

What Does Electrochemical Admittance Mean?

Electrochemical admittance is the reciprocal of electrochemical impedance (I/E), which is a measure of the ability of a circuit to resist the flow of electrical current (E/I). Electrochemical impedance is similar to resistance in electric circuits.

Electrochemical admittance is useful in determining corrosion currents.


Corrosionpedia Explains Electrochemical Admittance

Electrochemical admittance is related to electrochemical parameters and can be used to obtain information about:

  • Electrode kinetics
  • Corrosion currents
  • Electro-sorption

Electrochemical admittance is represented by the following equation:

equation for electrochemical admittance (ECA)

Thus, corrosion currents can be calculated by measuring the admittance (ΔI/ΔE) from the above equation.

Measurement of electrochemical impedance is now favored over electrochemical admittance.




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