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Blast Pot

What Does Blast Pot Mean?

This is the main component of a blasting system that controls and holds the grit or sand used when abrasion is required. It is used in sand and grit blasting processes to facilitate surface preparation for coating and painting purposes. It is also an ideal equipment for the removal of paints and rust from the substrates.


Corrosionpedia Explains Blast Pot

The blasting process requires small particles with spherical or angular shapes propelled onto a surface to create friction that assists in peeling off the surface layers depending on the pressure or velocity, the distance between the nozzle and the surface, the hardness of the abrasives, and their density and type.

The blasting system consists of coupling of the blast pot, the compressor, blast gun, the air filter and the hose to facilitate the movement of the grit or sand. The design of the blast pot is made in accordance with the use depending on the size of the surface to be blasted; hence, there is a wide range of capacity for the asking.

The type of the pot used will depend on the material of application; the common blast pot can be used for blasting wood, metals and concrete. They are available for commercial or domestic use, and they come as either portable or fixed. For heavy duty work, the blast pot can be automated for greater performance.


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