Coatings Specifications Writer

Last updated: May 21, 2019

What Does Coatings Specifications Writer Mean?

This is a technician or a professional who prepares a work plan that precisely describes the coating process for a certain coating project. The writer examines the substrate and points out clear details about the materials, procedures, and amount of work regarding the execution of the project.The coatings specifications writer should know the state of the substrate and the external conditions that may affect a coating process. Through tests and inspection, he or she first evaluates the surface to be coated before identifying the method and products to be used.


Corrosionpedia Explains Coatings Specifications Writer

A well-prepared coating specification has a vital role in achieving a successful coating project. It ensures the smooth running of the coating process to satisfy all parties involved. The coatings specifications writer should have excellent skills and experience in the coating industry. He or she should understand all the coating procedures, materials, and the various industries where coating systems are applicable. A coating inspector can make a good specification writer so long as he/she has outstanding writing skills.

The specification writer produces a structured work plan whose details rely solely on the test and inspections performed on the surfaces to be coated. A qualified specification writer makes an invaluable contribution: he or she helps avoid coating failures.

Every stage of the coating process is included in the specification. The information relayed by the writer will determine the surface preparation and the coating selection. The report obtained will guide owners and engineers to identify the best protective coating against persistent corrosion, especially in industries that deal with chemicals. The writer acts as an advisor to the purchaser; they should not be ignored as they will determine the order, technology, and plan layout for a successful coating process.

The coatings specifications writer may consult documents such as technical data sheets and material safety data sheets when comparing products.


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