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Spec Writing

Last updated: December 23, 2018

What Does Spec Writing Mean?

Specification writing (spec writing) is the skill of communication where projects are described on the basis of solutions that stand as key guides to successful workmanship. The writing is done in such a way that it provides stages and plans to be executed that will, in the end, provide a cost-effective venture. It is mostly used in construction sites and coating processes.


Corrosionpedia Explains Spec Writing

In coating or painting, before covering the surface of a substrate with a protective material, the surface is first tested and analyzed. The results obtained from the inspection provide the right material and solutions for the project. Therefore, spec writing will act as a plan or map to the buyer or owner.

Spec writing involves the use of certain layout styles and language formalities. Designing requires a good description of your product, which might be complex and involving. To make things easier for the workmanship and decision process, it is better to have every bit of information put to writing. Engineers and technicians communicate through drawings and common standards, so a clear plan will do the trick.

Spec writing requires tools and software that will assist in arranging the information in a more approachable way. The main aim of spec writing is to highlight the needs of a project and also reduce the cost; this makes it a reliable and time-saving venture.



Specification Writing

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