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Society For Protective Coatings (SSPC)

Last updated: February 14, 2021

What Does Society For Protective Coatings (SSPC) Mean?

The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) is a nonprofit organization for professionals in the industrial protective and marine coatings industry.

This association was formed in 1950, and was originally known as the Steel Structures Painting Council. The name was changed to the Society for Protective Coatings in 1997, but the organization retained its original acronym. In 2020, the SSPC and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers International (NACE) announced a merger agreement.


Corrosionpedia Explains Society For Protective Coatings (SSPC)

The SSPC was originally concerned with the use of coatings to protect steel structures such as:

  • Bridges
  • Ships
  • Water tanks
  • Locks and dams

However, the original mission of the organization has evolved over the years to include structures built with materials other than steel, such as concrete, composite materials, etc.

The SSPC oversees:

  • Coatings industry standards
  • Technical publications (books, videos, CDs)
  • Training & certification courses
  • Painting contractor certification programs
  • Conferences and events
  • Webinars

SSPC standards are created by members of its technical committees that develop:

  • Standards
  • Specifications
  • Guides
  • Procedures
  • Technology updates

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