Dust Collection System

Last updated: December 7, 2017

What Does Dust Collection System Mean?

A dust collection system is a type of abatement equipment used to reduce undesirable or hazardous emissions to the environment by extracting, housing and/or processing particulate matter.

Dust collection systems are used to prevent foreign corrosive substances from accumulating.


Corrosionpedia Explains Dust Collection System

Dust collection systems are used to enhance the quality of air expelled from industrial processes. They include equipment such as scrubbers, bag houses, mist eliminators and flash tanks.

The accumulation of particulate matter on metallic structures such as pipelines may promote the development of crevice corrosion, which is caused by a stagnant solution in crevices, as might occur in nuts and rivet heads.

When dust, sand or other corrosive substances are deposited on surfaces, they create an environment where water can accumulate and form corrosion. The corrosion can occur between two metals or between a metal and a nonmetal. This damages the metallic part, which is initiated by a concentration gradient in chemicals.


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