Dry Dust-Free

Published: | Updated: August 31, 2017

Definition - What does Dry Dust-Free mean?

Dry dust-free refers to the drying stage of a paint or varnish film at which airborne dust particles will not adhere to to the paint or varnish. This is the first phase in the physical drying of a coating material. At the end of drying, the coating film becomes solid and no airborne dust particles will adhere to it anymore.

Dust-free drying is important for coating materials, which are applied under improvised, mostly manual conditions and it should occur quickly. Dust-free drying determines the susceptibility to dirt of the wet paint.

Corrosionpedia explains Dry Dust-Free

Dry dust-free is a stage in the drying of a coating film when dust will no longer stick to the surface. The dust-free drying time can be determined by tapping gently with the pointer finger on the film and noting the time when paint does not adhere to the finger. A stopwatch can be used to count the time after applying paint.

For any coating application, dust-free is an important prerequisite to obtain a satisfactory coating surface. This is very important for the manufacturer's automotive coating and any subsequent automotive refinishing. A dust-free drying room will decrease the drying time and increase the volume of the coat finish. In a modern automotive coating, paint application is done in areas that are “clinically clean.” Only properly dressed personnel are allowed to enter the areas to maintain a dust-free work environment and materials.

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