Beryllium (Be)

Last updated: August 16, 2018

What Does Beryllium (Be) Mean?

Beryllium is a rare chemical element. It is a divalent element, which means that it occurs naturally in the universe but in combination with other elements in minerals. Beryllium is used in gears and cogs in the aviation industry and appears as a relatively soft silvery white metal with a low density.


Corrosionpedia Explains Beryllium (Be)

Some of the important properties of beryllium are:

  • Atomic number – 4
  • Atomic symbol – Be
  • Atomic weight – 9.01218
  • Electron configuration – 2-2
  • Shells – 2,2
  • Filling orbital – 2s2
  • Melting point – 2332 °F (1278 °C)
  • Boiling point – 5378 °F (2970 °C)

Beryllium exhibits a higher modulus of elasticity when compared to steel (one third higher). Therefore, it resists attack from concentrated nitric acid, has good thermal conductivity and is nonmagnetic. It is used in nuclear reactors as a reflector or moderator of neutrons due to its high permeability to X-rays.

During atmospheric temperature and pressure conditions, beryllium resists any oxidation in air and thus offers corrosion resistance.


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