Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU)

Last updated: September 18, 2017

What Does Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) Mean?

A remote monitoring unit is a device used to collect a wide variety of data from various sensors that transmit the data through wires or wireless. A remote monitoring unit makes sorting and viewing data easier across a large geographic range and many areas of interest.


Corrosionpedia Explains Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU)

One use for a remote monitoring unit is corrosion monitoring. Corrosion monitoring without a remote monitoring unit might be restricted to spot checks at only one location during a limited time interval. Alternatively, a remote monitoring unit can observe corrosion in many different places simultaneously, allowing engineers to detect instances of corrosion as they occur. It also allows engineers to more efficiently determine the cause of corrosion and take proactive action before a failure occurs.

Remote monitoring units are oftentimes used in the oil and gas industry, where cathodic protection is used to prevent corrosion in buried pipelines. Pipeline operators require feedback that the cathodic protection is still functioning properly. A remote monitoring unit can give them the information they need to make decisions regarding the safety of the pipeline.


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