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Flash-Off Time

Last updated: September 18, 2017

What Does Flash-Off Time Mean?

Flash-off time is the necessary waiting time taken to recoat or spray once a first coat is applied on a material. If the wait time is very long, it needs to be scuffed; if the flash-off time is short, irregularities in the paint job can be expected. Generally, a minimum flash off-time is 20 minutes at atmospheric temperatures.


Corrosionpedia Explains Flash-Off Time

The word “flash” can be explained as the time that a solvent takes to evaporate, in order to apply a second coat. In case the second coat is applied too soon, the solvent can dissolve the second coat and can create irregularities in the paint job by ruining the first coat. In order to get a perfect coat, one should make sure to use:

  • A correct gun that can spray the paint with the recommended air pressure
  • A recommended catalyst in the base coat
  • Follow the exact recommended flash-off time
  • Correct amount of viscosity

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