Definition - What does Dissolution mean?

Dissolution refers to a process by which dissolved components, i.e. solutes, form a solution in a solvent. In this process a solution of the gas, liquid or solid in the original solvent are formed. Dissolution is the cause of selective leaching or localized corrosion.

Dissolution has great importance in chemical processes whether it is natural or man-made. Dissolution testing is extensively applied in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare and formulate drug dosage and to develop quality control specifications for its manufacturing process. It also used in testing catalysts.

Metal alloys are the result of dissolution of one solid into another.

Corrosionpedia explains Dissolution

Dissolution is a formation of solution by dissolving solute in solvent. The rate of dissolution depends on many things like:

  • Chemical natures of the solvent and solute
  • Temperature
  • Degree of undersaturation
  • Presence of a means of mixing during the dissolution
  • Interfacial surface area
  • Presence of inhibitors

These rates are varied in different systems. Low dissolution rates relate to low solubility and high dissolution rates correspond to high solubility.

In the corrosion of metal, a simple dissolution of the material or chemical reaction, rather than an electrochemical process, occurs. Dissolution is also a problem in some polymer applications. It causes swelling. It results in the reduction of strength and stiffness and change of volume. Glass disease results from corrosion of silicate glasses in aqueous solutions. Glass disease is controlled by either diffusion-controlled leaching (ion exchange) or hydrolytic dissolution of the glass network mechanism.

Metal dissolution is a localized preferential corrosion at the crack tip with the huge material remaining in a more passive state. The rate of metal dissolution is in varied orders of magnitude. When an alloy is in its active state, the rate is higher in comparison to its passive condition.

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