X-Ray Tube

Last updated: December 19, 2019

What Does X-Ray Tube Mean?

An X-ray tube is a type of vacuum tube which generates X-rays. This is commonly utilized in X-ray generators with ionizing X-rays with shorter wavelengths than UV light.

X-ray tubes are commonly used in medicine, such as in X-ray and CAT scanners, as well as for industrial corrosion inspection processes.


Corrosionpedia Explains X-Ray Tube

X-ray tubes emitting X-rays are known for their many benefits in various industries. Apart from their contributions in the field of medicine, they are also highly beneficial in the inspection and detection of corrosion, especially in environments that are under insulation.

Corrosion that is under insulation can be very difficult to detect since the insulation can hide the effects of corrosion. Removing insulation can be expensive, especially if asbestos is involved. Thus, industries make use of methods to detect corrosion when under insulation. A common method is the use of radiography and X-rays in real time.

Therefore, with the utilization of X-rays produced by X-ray tubes, industries, particularly those involving pipes, can eliminate corrosion problems in an effective and rapid manner.



Xray Tube

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