Last updated: December 12, 2017

What Does Undercure Mean?

Undercure is a term that applies to sealants, concrete, adhesives, coatings and other liquids that are used with the intention that they will harden over time. Undercure occurs when these materials are not allowed to harden correctly or fully. An undercured state can be caused by insufficient drying time, environmental constraints, or improper mixing.


Corrosionpedia Explains Undercure

Undercure can occur for several reasons. One such reason is that the liquid was not given ample time to set. Each liquid has its own setting time, and one must understand what this requirement is so that undercuring does not occur.

Another reason undercure may occur is because of the environment. For example, if the environment in which the liquid is applied has too high of a humidity level, it may be impossible for the liquid to ever cure fully. Similar to a setting time requirement, each liquid has its own environmental requirements that must be understood and met prior to application.

Undercure could also result when not enough curing agent is added to the mixture. Some mixtures will not cure fully until enough curing agent has been brought into the mixture.

If an adhesive, concrete, or other mixture becomes subject to undercure, then failure can occur. If it is an adhesive that is undercured, the strength of the adhesive bond could be very negatively affected. If undercure happens to a coating, it could result in corrosion that the coating was intended to prevent.



Under Cured

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