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What Does Galvanneal Mean?

The galvanized coating of galvanneal has a very high resistance to flaking when bent, stamped and formed. The superior matte finish serves as the primer, facilitating seamless coating adherence.

Galvanneal is also known as galvannealed.


Corrosionpedia Explains Galvanneal

Galvanneal is the outcome of combining the processes of annealing and galvanizing in order to produce specialized metal sheets. The process of galvanization is performed via hot-dipping and instantaneous annealing, which produces a matte gray finish.

Galvanneal is a product made from carbon steel covered in a combination of zinc and iron. This steel is most popular in car manufacturing, although it can be applied in various industries, such as ships and structure construction. Steel mills manufacture galvanneal according to client request, and other production facilities may manufacture their own.

The word galvanneal comes from anneal and galvanized. Galvanization refers to the process in which metals are covered in a particular material that helps it fight corrosion. Annealing is the procedure in which metal is exposed to heat, allowing it to build up particular properties. In galvanneal, metal is submerged in a hot zinc bath as the material undergoes galvanization after which it undergoes a second process in which the iron goes through annealing with the zinc coating to produce a zinc-iron combination on the metal surface. The end result is a galvanneal covering that is a dull gray matte finish.

The result is very different from metals that have undergone galvanization with zinc only. Ideally, the coating should adhere firmly to the material for its entire lifetime with the aid of the heat treatment procedure. Galvannealed products also tend to have enhanced spot weldability and are easy to paint, making them a practical option.

Galvanneal sheets provide superior:

  • Weldability
  • Paintability
  • Formability
  • Corrosion resistance

It is widely applied in:

  • Signage
  • Automotive
  • Electric equipment
  • Industries needing metal that can offer highly reliable service and paintability



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