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Last updated: July 19, 2024

What Does Boxing Mean?

This is a numerical analysis mostly done on a pipeline by drawing boxes around features on the surface of the pipes being inspected.

It is thus used to identify the interaction criteria of corrosion features and in the end determine the best corrosion prevention method to be used. It basically determines the ability of a pipeline to withstand internal pressures; the strength it possess against external and internal forces.


Corrosionpedia Explains Boxing

In research work, assessment of corrosion is grouped depending on how the defects relate to each other. This is normally done through finite element analysis. These metal loss defects are irregular in shape; the use of boxing estimates the geometrical dimensions of each feature.

This is a tedious process as it depends on the length of the pipe and the collection of data based on depth, length and width. The process is done according to the operator’s’ interaction rules. In the end, the river bottom of the deepest corrosion defect is determined.

The boxing process goes hand in hand with clustering to show the relationship between each feature and the neighboring features based on their distances apart. The boxing process is intended to help in understanding the clustering trend of the defects. The data from the boxing process will be used in equations to determine the strength of the pipe.


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