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Coal Tar Epoxy

Last updated: February 21, 2018

What Does Coal Tar Epoxy Mean?

A coal tar epoxy is a black surface protection polymer used on surfaces subjected to extremely corrosive environments. It is a blend of various epoxy resins and coal tar.

It is commonly used to make high solids coatings or paints to provide moisture protection for underground systems like pipelines, water treatment facilities, clarifiers and tanks; it is further used in the sewage industry and for prevention from microorganisms. There are different types of paints: two-component paint, three-component paint, etc. The mixture is used in two-component paints.


Corrosionpedia Explains Coal Tar Epoxy

Coal tar epoxy is made by the conversion of polyamide epoxy with a pitch of refined coal tar. It is mostly used on metal substrates and concrete in offshore, petroleum and industrial environments. The fluctuation of temperatures can make the product crystallize. It is stable at room temperature or at least 5°F above dew point. The environmental conditions affect the drying time of the product.

The properties that one may get from the use of coal tar epoxy paint or coating are as follows:

  • It forms paints or coatings that are smooth in brush, roller and spray application
  • It bonds well with oily surfaces, hence preferable in garages
  • It forms a good moisture sealing for paints or coatings
  • It produces paints or coatings with abrasion, thermal shock, impact and chemical resistance; suitable for sustained immersions in saline or freshwater
  • Provides maximum corrosion protection
  • Provides protection against soil stress
  • Provides a semi-gloss with a matte surface finish
  • It provides self-priming and good adhesion in paints or coatings

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