Tubing Batch

Published: | Updated: February 14, 2020

Definition - What does Tubing Batch mean?

Tubing batch is a corrosion protection method for the tubes used in hydrocarbon production that are conduits for fluids being transported from the reservoir to the surface facilities. The tubing must withstand corrosion from any aqueous phase produced with hydrocarbons and containing dissolved acid gases (e.g., CO2 and H2S) and salts (e.g., chloride ions).

Corrosionpedia explains Tubing Batch

Crude oil and petroleum products are transported in pipelines in small batches (several gallons). Therefore, corrosion inhibitors are used in the tubing batch pipelines after every batch to protect the pipelines and production tubing from microbial contamination, sour environment, formation of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide gas. Corrosion inhibitors are used in the tubing batches to mitigate such issues.

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