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Recent Advances In Water-based Coatings Technologies

In a society that strives to reduce its environmental impact, water-based coatings are growing in popularity. Historically, solvent-based products have outperformed water-based coatings in some service environments, but advances in coating technology have allowed for higher-performing water-based alternatives on the market.

In this webinar, we will discuss some of the previous misconceptions surrounding water-based coatings and how newer formulations of these materials can provide a multitude of advantages over their solvent-based counterparts. Also, much discussion will be laid out as to how these materials can provide a more sustainable solution while not compromising service life.

Lastly, commentary will be provided on some of the applications where these materials are now appropriate, including potable water immersion service and exterior environments where top-level color and gloss retention performance is coveted.

Jennifer Gleisberg
Jennifer Gleisberg

Senior Manager of Performance Coatings

Brian Cheshire
Brian Cheshire

Director of the Water Tank Market

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