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Peter Macios

Executive Product Manager of Water Services and Industrial Process at SUEZ Water Technology and Solutions


Peter Macios is the Executive Product Manager of Water Services and Industrial Process at SUEZ Water Technology and Solutions. Peter provides strategic direction for product development, portfolio management, and go-to-market strategies ensuring sustainability and growth of this industry leading product line.

Specifically, Peter sets the strategy and funding of product and technology development in R&D around deposit, microbiological, and corrosion control along with remote monitoring and diagnostic to enable the chemical treatment programs. Recent launches of the industry leading Gengard™ cooling water technologies, Solus™ internal boiler, and Polyamine LSA have allowed our customers to use innovative corrosion treatment technology to improve asset protection at their industrial sites.

Peter has held numerous roles in Water and Process Technologies in his distinguished 26-year career including application engineering, product management, and P&L responsibilities. Peter has authored technical papers and has worked on EPRI sub committees contributing to the nuclear power industry guidelines for closed cooling, fire protection systems, and service water. In addition, Peter has chaired and tasked committees on the Electric Power conference in 2010 supporting the FGD subcommittee and the nuclear power advisory panel.

Peter has over 20 years of experience in designing and developing water treatment solutions for many industries, including specialization in the power and utility markets. Peter has bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Geneva College and a master’s in business administration from the University of Phoenix. Peter is based in Trevose, PA in his current role.

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