Global Smart Build Summit 5th edition & #Time2leap awards

Date: November 22, 2019 | Time: 03:30 am - 15:00 am IST

The 5th Edition of Global Smart Build Summit & #Time2Leap Awards will bring together the evolving government bodies, construction leaders, technologies and sustainable products/solutions that are set to transform the construction industry globally. The summit will attempt to create a powerful agenda and bring together renowned speakers with unbounded experience and expertise, a global audience and various national and international construction stakeholders to pave the growth of New India. Join us in this impactful construction symposium, taking place on the 22nd November 2019 at Hyderabad – the most booming market for construction and real estate across India currently.

Global Smart Build Summit 5th edition & #Time2leap awards are formulated to fully capitalize on Hyderabad’s growing demand for development and re-development markets in the Residential, Commercial, Retail, Corporates and Hospitality sectors. The event will discuss key trends, innovations and opportunities to look out for in this market. With a global presence of industry leaders and a showcase of sustainable construction solutions, this event is clearly ahead of and will raise the bar for your brand.

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