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Understanding Corrosion in Water Pipelines: A Guide for Pipeline Designers


Tim Davison


Communications Director, A&E Systems Ltd

Originally trained as an educator in the UK, Tim Davison worked in the Australian publishing industry before returning to England to set up his own company. Working with a UK-based coatings distributor on technical publications, he eventually became a full-time member of the company’s product development team responsible for all its information and data services.

The company has a particular interest in problem coating areas. With the development team, Tim worked on underwater and wet area coating issues as well as pioneering the use of corrosion-inhibiting thermoplastics in the mining and offshore industries.

In addition to the provision of research and design for technical development of the company’s systems, Tim has been responsible for ensuring that all the data is understood by the world at large, regularly presenting technical papers at international conferences for organizations such as NACE and SSPC.

Tim also heads the quality management team for the company and has a keen interest in making sure that the company’s safety and application systems transcend basic box-ticking by requiring a full understanding of where risks lie―both in terms of personnel safety and threats to the integrity of project infrastructures.

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