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Reza Javaherdashti

Corrosion Department, Faranegarzarfam Company, Tehran, Iran


Dr. Reza Javaherdashti holds a double degree in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. He has more than 20 years of industrial and academic experience. In addition to more than 40 research papers and about the same number of root cause analysis reports, he has authored four books. Two of these books are:

1. Reza Javaherdashti, Chikezie Nwaoha, Henry Tan “Corrosion and Materials in Oil and Gas Industries”, published by CRC Press/Taylor&Francis, USA, 2013.

2. Reza Javaherdashti, Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion - An Engineering Insight, Springer-Verlag, UK, 2008, to be republished in 2017.

Articles by Reza Javaherdashti

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