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Fred Goodwin

Head Corrosion Competency Center, BASF Construction Chemicals


Fred Goodwin is a chemist with more than 30 years of experience in the construction chemicals industry, including cement manufacture, research, development, and technical support of grouts, adhesives, coatings, shotcrete, stucco, flooring, and concrete repair materials. He has been with BASF and its predecessors for >25 years and is an active member of ICRI, ACI, ASTM, NACE, SDC, and SSPC. A fellow of ASTM, ACI and ICRI, an Honorary Member of ASTM C1 & C9, and current chair of the ICRI Technical Activities Committee (TAC), ACI 090 TRRC, SSPC 8.3 Commercial Floor Coatings, and a member of ACI TAC; was awarded the ASTM Award of Merit in 2016, the JCPL Editors Award in 2006, 2010, and 2012 as well as the ACI 2011 Delmar Bloem Distinguished Service Award and the ACI Foundation – Strategic Development Council – 2015 Jean-Claude Roumain Innovation in Concrete Award. He is a NACE certified Corrosion Technologist, the inventor of five patents, was recently named as a Top 25 Innovative Thinker by Technology Publishing, and frequently speaks at industry events. He was also appointed as a member for the ACI 562 Repair Code, ACI 563 Repair Specifications, ICRI 150/ACI562E Notes on the Repair Code oversight group, USBR M82 Corrosion Protocol expert team, and the ICRI Strategic Plan Implementation team. He currently heads the BASF Construction Chemicals Global Corrosion Control Competency Center.

He is an active member of ACI 90 - Technical Activities Committee, 90-02 - TAC Concrete Terminology Committee, 90-TG1 - Technical Committee Manual Task Group, 90-TG11 - TAC Awards Task Group, 92 - TAC Repair and Rehabilitation Committee (chair), 351 - Foundations for Equipment and Machinery, 364 - Rehabilitation, 364-TG1 - Rehabilitation Guide, 515 - Protective Systems for Concrete (outgoing chair), 546 - Repair of Concrete, 546-0B - Repair-Material Selection Guide, 546-0C - Repair-Guide, 562 - Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings, 562-0E - Education, 562-0F - Durability, 563 - Specifications for Repair of Structural Concrete in Buildings, 563-0I - Proprietary Grouts/Concrete (chair), and E706 - Concrete Repair Education.

He is an active member in ASTM Committee C01 on Cement, Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates, Committee C12 on Mortars and Grouts for Unit Masonry, and Committee G01 on Corrosion of Metals and associated subcommittees.

He is chair of the ICRI Coordination Committee ), and Technical Activities Committee, and an active member of ICRI’s Executive Committee, Strategic Implementation Committee (secretary), Committee 110-Guide Specifications, Committee 160-Sustainability, Committee 310-Surface Preparation, Committee 320-Concrete Repair Material-Methods, Committee 510-Corrosion, Committee 710-Coatings and Waterproofing, and the Northern Ohio Chapter. He also chairs SSPC C08.3 Commercial Floor Coatings.

Fred was recently promoted to head the BASF Construction Chemicals Corrosion Control Competency Center and is a NACE Corrosion Technologist and active in STG-01, ASTM C9 and G1 committees and SSPC.

He has been involved in corrosion of reinforced concrete to some extent for the past 26 years with increased activity over the past 5 years. While with BASF he developed the PT grouts, and is currently working on several corrosion related development projects. He holds 4 patents, with two pending which are related to corrosion mitigation.

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