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Water Pipelines: Prevent Corrosion, Eliminate Leaks

Date: June 08, 2022 | Time: 16:00 pm - 17:00 pm

Join the GPT engineering group for a Water industry special. In this educational webinar, we will be exploring Isolation and sealing within the Water industry delving into the most common issues that arise and navigating you through the solutions. Preventing leakages while maintaining isolation brings additional complications for users to focus on. This coupled with the sheer scale of water pipeline applications only magnifies the issues and difficulties encountered. Water absorption and permeation are also critical factors that need to be accounted for which can be often overlooked. Through our extensive history of supporting the water industry, we have learned valuable insights that we look forward to sharing.

Expect to Learn:

  • When selecting the right isolation gasket, how can you ensure that the gasket chosen is designed to meet the increased demands? This will take you through some specific challenges that GPT sees in large diameter pipelines, and best practices to ensure that proper sealing is made, and isolation is maintained.
  • The impact water absorption and permeation have on Isolation Gaskets. When trying to isolate a flange, how come it is critical to use a flange isolation kit, not simply a sheet gasket? Why is it so common to see isolation flanges hydrotested with a temporary gasket, and then have the isolation gasket put in after? Both of these have to do with the impact of water permeating into the gasket itself, and impacting its ability to perform as intended. We will discuss why this is occurring when you need to be aware of this, and solutions that can be used as a result.
  • The cost of mis-installation, gasket failure, corrosion costs, or leaks can be significantly higher. In this webinar, we will touch on many ways to help mitigate these failures and optimize your water lines for the life of the system. While the capital cost might be slightly higher to use an isolation gasket and use it properly, this can significantly lower operating costs due to these failures taking place.
Ian Kinnear
Ian Kinnear

Applications Engineer

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