Understanding Corrosion in Water Pipelines: A Guide for Pipeline Designers

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Robotic Corrosion Management: What to Know Before Investing

Date: June 22, 2022 | Time: 17:00 pm - 18:00 pm

The global robotics market is expected to reach $214.68 billion by 2030, according to Market Research Future, and recent advances in robotics have made automated solutions an attractive tool for asset owners in a variety of industries. Corrosionpedia is sitting down with Cody Warner, Global Sales Director at Deep Trekker Inc., and Robert Dahlstrom, CEO and founder of Apellix, to discuss:

  • How robotics can help inspect and prevent corrosion.
  • Industries moving towards robotic corrosion management.
  • Key drivers of robotic corrosion hardware adoption.
  • Developments/trends in robotic corrosion management technology.
  • Types of robotic corrosion management hardware.
  • Things to consider before purchasing a corrosion prevention/inspection robot.
Cody Warner
Cody Warner

Global Sales & Marketing Director

Robert Dahlstrom
Robert Dahlstrom

Founder and CEO

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