Asset:  Onshore Structure
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Concrete


Procedures for Applying Thick Film Coatings and Surfacings Over Concrete Floors


This technology update discusses techniques and procedures to enhance performance of concrete floors by use of resinous systems greater than 20 mils. Flooring systems covered by this document include: Thick film systems (>500?m), self-leveling systems, slurry systems, broadcast systems, mortar systems, fabric-reinforced systems, spray-applied systems, and non-waterproofing and underlayment membranes. Thin-film coatings (<500 ?m) and sealers, terrazzo flooring, membrane systems designed for waterproofing, and primary and secondary containment systems are beyond the scope of this technology update. The technology update outlines techniques and procedures, with additional specific details provided in the appendices. This technology update is intended for use by owners, applicators, and others in the coatings and surfacings industry. It addresses the unique application properties of coating and surfacing concrete floors, and should not be used for other purposes. This technology update was developed by the SSPC Unit Committee C.7.1 on Concrete Coatings and Surfacings with the assistance of members of the Polymer Coatings and Surfacing Institute (PCSI), who joined the SSPC committee and participated in the consensus review process.