Asset:  Bridge, Offshore Structure, Onshore Structure, Pipeline, Pressure Vessel
Environmental Characteristic:  Below Freezing Point, High Heat, High Humidity, Low Humidity
Industry:  Oil and Gas, Pipelines and Underground Systems, Energy Generation and Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Maritime, Pulp and Paper, Misc. Corrosion
Process:  Surface Preparation
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Hand Tool Cleaning of Steel Surfaces


This standard covers the requirements for hand tool cleaning steel surfaces. Hand tool cleaning is a method of preparing steel surfaces by the use of non-power hand tools. Hand tool cleaning removes all loose mill scale, loose rust, loose paint, and other loose detrimental foreign matter. It is not intended that adherent mill scale, rust, and paint be removed by this process. Mill scale, rust, and paint are considered adherent if they cannot be removed by lifting with a dull putty knife.