SSPC-PS Guide 7.00

SSPC-PS Guide 7.00


Asset:  Onshore Structure
Environmental Characteristic:  High Humidity, Low Humidity
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Guide for Selecting One-Coat Shop Painting Systems


This guide covers one-coat shop painting systems for steel that will not be exposed to corrosive conditions for long periods. They are also suitable for steel encased in concrete in those cases where bonding of steel to concrete is not required. They can be used under fireproofing. These systems are suitable for use on parts or structures exposed in Environmental Zones 0 (encased in concrete or masonry, normally dry) and 1A (interior, normally dry). These one-coat painting systems are not expected to protect steel exposed to the weather for periods longer than six months in normal rural and industrial areas and for even shorter exposure periods for heavy industrial or marine exposures. They can be used on open frames or structural steel in buildings not subjected to high humidity, condensation, or corrosive fumes. The paints covered by this guide are primers, and if a color other than the standard color is required, then the color must be specified.