SSPC-PS Guide 22.00

SSPC-PS Guide 22.00


Asset:  Bridge
Industry:  Maritime
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Guide for Selecting One-Coat Preconstruction or Prefabrication Painting Systems


This guide covers those shop primers used in today's modern commercial shipyards for preconstruction and prefabrication priming of abrasive blast cleaned structural steel and steel plates. To maximize efficiency in new construction, all ships' steel plates, shapes, and angles are abrasive blast cleaned, shop primed, and stored for future use in preparation of sections of ships, called modules or units. Shop primers are covered by generic classification. Automatic abrasive blast cleaning and coating with preconstruction primer is common practice in shipbuilding today. The reason for the popularity of this practice is the reduction of costly hand abrasive blasting after unit or module construction. Some of the attributes of good preconstruction primers include: \r\n- Weldability with minimal effect on weld integrity;\r\n- Adequate corrosion protection for the steel prior to overcoating;\r\n- Compatibility with topcoats to be used;\r\n - Ability to be applied in thin films using automatic spray equipment;\r\n- Minimum health hazard when burning, cutting, and welding through the primer;\r\n- Drying to handle in 4 to 7 minutes to minimize damage from rollers and cranes.