SSPC-PS Guide 12.00

SSPC-PS Guide 12.00


Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Guide to Zinc-Rich Coating Systems


This guide provides general information on the description, selection, and application of zinc-rich coatings and the selection of topcoats. Zinc-rich primers as referenced in this guide are broadly defined as primers containing high levels of zinc, such as SSPC-Paint 20 or SSPC-Paint 29. Zinc-rich coatings are classified as follows:\r\nType IA Inorganic _ post-cured, water-borne, alkali-silicates\r\nType IB Inorganic _ self-cured, water-borne, alkali-silicates\r\nType IC Inorganic _ self-cured, solvent-borne, alkyl-silicates\r\nType IIA Organic _ thermoplastic binders\r\nType IIB Organic _ thermoset binders\r\nZinc-rich coatings, both topcoated and untopcoated, have been used successfully in a wide variety of environmental zones. A detailed breakdown of applicability of various types of zinc-rich coatings in different environmental zones is provided.