SSPC-PS 27.00

SSPC-PS 27.00


Asset:  Bridge, Offshore Structure, Onshore Structure
Environmental Characteristic:  High Humidity, Low Humidity
Industry:  Oil and Gas, Energy Generation and Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Transportation Infrastructure, Maritime
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Alkyd Coating System Materials Specification, Performance Based


This specification covers the requirements for an air-drying solvent-based alkyd coating system consisting of two or more coats of alkyd intended for use over blast cleaned steel. The specification covers both the system and the individual coating requirements. The requirements are based primarily on the performance of the coating system. The coating system is suitable for exposure in Environmental Zones 1A (interior, normally dry), 1B (exterior, normally dry), 2A (frequently wet by fresh water, excluding immersion), and 2B (frequently wet by salt water, excluding immersion). The coating system is classified according to the drying time (fast, medium, slow) of the slowest drying coating layer.